1. green /ɡrēn/

a. provokes feeling of optimism and renewed sense of energy.
b. symbolic of health and new beginnings. 

2. vertical /vərdək(ə)l/

a. involving different levels of progression; moving upwards


vert is a neighbourhood shop with a global following. it’s an if-you-know-you-know kind of place—discrete, cool and highly edited.

curation is our focus. we’re meticulous about selecting the best essentials from the most sought-after brands around the world with your everyday lifestyle in mind.

vert is an invitation to connect with contemporary luxury in a relaxed, intimate atmosphere. we're constantly inspired by our clients—who never cease to amaze us when they visit the store with fascinating stories and points of view to share—and our aim is to uplift their confident personal style.

we’re here to help you build a wardrobe that feels effortless, relevant, and 100 percent you.